The Essentials

Course Details:CS 318 (Medical Image Analysis), Winter 2014, Carleton College.
Meetings:5a (MW 1:50pm–3:00pm, F 2:20pm–3:20pm) in CMC 210.
Instructor:Jadrian Miles; CMC 320, x5173, jadrian
Office Hours:M 3pm–4pm; W 9:30am–10:30am; Th 10am–11am; Th 1:15pm–2:15pm; F 1:30pm–2pm
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Course Content and Goals

This course is a survey of techniques and topics related to the analysis of brain-scan images from a medical imaging technique called “diffusion MRI”. We will read papers from the current research literature, as well as working from notes that I (Jadrian) prepare. Along the way we'll learn a little biology, a little physics, a little math, and a lot of computer science, in addition to the arcana of the sub-field of diffusion MRI analysis. These are the things I intend for you to learn / get experience with during this class:

Course Structure

In broad strokes, here's how the course is going to go:

For more details, please see the schedule page, which will be kept up-to-date as we decide on topics together throughout the course.

Course Requirements

This course is structured as a research-oriented seminar. There's no book, and the format is very open-ended; we have the flexibility to explore all kinds of subjects related to medical image analysis. The class is very little more than a bunch of people sitting in a room and learning from each other. This means that what you get out of it will depend strongly on what you put into it.

Given these observation, here are some requirements for the course:

Who to Ask for Help


Your grade will be computed as follows:

Component% of Overall Grade
Reading notes (done individually)10%
Reading responses (done in groups)15%
Paper draft15%
Final presentation20%
Final paper20%

Using the above weights, a total of 90% and up will earn you some level of A, 80% and up at least some level of B, 70% and up at least some level of C, 60% and up at least some level of D.

Assignments turned in up to 24 hours late will be marked off by 50%. Assignments turned in more than 24 hours late will be given a zero grade. I intend to be very strict about this policy, so it will almost always benefit you to turn in incomplete work on time, if the only alternative is to turn in complete work late.

Academic Honesty and Collaboration Policy

You are expected to maintain the utmost level of academic integrity in the course. Any violation of the code of academic integrity will result in severe punishment, which may include receiving a failing grade in the course or even dismissal from the college. Academic dishonesty has no place in an institute of higher learning; it wastes my time and yours.

Please familiarize yourself, if you haven't already, with the College's academic integrity policy and the Dean of the College's detailed guide to academic integrity.

In addition to that, there is a specific collaboration policy in place for this course:

Collaboration policy: All written work attributed to a person or group of people must be written by the named individual(s), and no one else. You are free to discuss things with your classmates, but no one outside of your assigned group may contribute any writing of notes, prose, or code that you submit. If you discuss things with people outside your group, you must attribute their contribution in whatever resulting work you hand in.

I am obligated by the Faculty Handbook to report any suspected violations to the Dean’s office. Any student who is found responsible for academic dishonesty in this class will receive an F for the course.

If you have any doubt about any aspect of this policy, ask beforehand!