PS02: Propositional Logic

Due Mon 4/6 @ 1:30pm.

Write each of the following statements in the form “if p, then q”.

  1. Elvis gets sick whenever he rides on a rollercoaster.
  2. To win the lottery, it is necessary to buy a ticket.
  3. You can run the game Crysis of Nukemcraft Online only if you have 8 TB of RAM.

Also do the following eleven problems from the book (listed on pages 316 and 317, at the end of section 3.2). In your writeup, number them consecutively, putting the problem number in square brackets at the beginning of your answer. (If you're using my LaTeX template, you can just use \qnum{3.5}, for example, to do that.)

  1. 3.5
  2. 3.7
  3. 3.9
  4. 3.11
  5. 3.13
  6. 3.14
  7. 3.16
  8. 3.17
  9. 3.20
  10. 3.21
  11. 3.24

Remember that your solutions must be written up using LaTeX, exported to a PDF, and submitted through Moodle. In addition, your solutions must be complete, self-contained ideas, and there are also some basic requirements about formatting. See the homework guidelines for more information, and see the LaTeX resources page for help with LaTeX.