CS 202 Anonymous Feedback Form

You can use this form to send an anonymous email to me. The email I get won't have your name or email address on it, and I won't try to find them out.

One common use for a form like this is to let me know about something that isn't working well in class. If that's the case, please be as specific, detailed, and constructive as you can. Tell me what changes you think would make things better. I really do pay careful attention to all the feedback that I get, and I work hard to always make classes work better. So the more guidance you give me, the better I can act on what you have to say. This isn't a guarantee that I'll do everything you want me to, but I promise I'm listening.

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This field is optional. If you'd like a response from me, please fill in your email address. If you'd like a response but want to remain anonymous, you can create a disposable forwarding address at jetable.org and fill it in here.


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